Weight Loss Program to Stay Healthy with Careot!

A lady frequenting the gym was found to be most disinterested while going through the motions of exercises. The reason was found that she was forced to exercise by her husband and she had no interest! The lady never lost weight.

The same applies for following a weight loss program with a healthy diet and the person concerned has a weight issue. It has been noticed that weight gain is very quick and easy in most cases and the person does not realize till medical impairments start leading to dire consequences.


A decision has to be made such that you are ready to make the long-term changes that are necessary to sustain permanent weight loss. Here is where Careot can make it realistic to analyze the calories and nutritional values consumed from all your meals even while you are on the go! The advantage is that you don’t have to have consultations with a dietician which can be awkward especially while traveling.


To start with, the weight loss program should have a three pronged approach which is necessary as there will be no noticeable change if only the diet is restricted. Subjective to the weight of the person, exercises like brisk walking, swimming or low impact exercises along with a changed lifestyle should be introduced to impact the change in diet by eating healthy too. A changed lifestyle should be a discipline of reducing late nights, an allotted time for exercising and eating.  Careot will support and encourage you to set reasonable and achievable goals that are consistent with good health and wellness in a realistic way. This holistic approach in a weight loss program would be enhanced by keeping in touch with the Careot community support group. It is very encouraging to learn from life experiences, maintenance suggestions and support of others in the same boat!


Weight loss should not be drastic as that immediately shows on the face! A steady loss of no more than 1-2 pounds per week is what one should aim for in a weight loss program. Careot makes it well-rounded by helping you to easily track the nutrient values you have selected to review and analyze over a time period when you focus on a healthy, well-balanced diet that does not exclude one or more of the food groups. The information provided by Careot will help you choose foods to link with activities that fit into your chosen lifestyle.


So the decision is yours that should be one you can live with for the rest of your life. Careot can make your weight loss program special with a personalized approach which should help you evaluate if you are ready to make the long-term changes that are necessary to sustain permanent weight loss.

It should be a decision to help yourself and one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

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