Focus on Weight Loss Program with Careot

Once a person makes the decision to take a step towards a weight loss program, then the next step would be to FOCUS on it. Exercise is required for breaking down fatin the body, improve flexibility and to deal with a sluggish metabolism; yet starting with a healthy diet is paramount for weight loss. Here is where CAREOT, an online nutrition app, helps you to FOCUS by providing many features at the touch of a button on your phone.By taking a picture of your meal after downloading the CAREOT APP, this calorie counter guideswith easy instructions on the intake of a healthy meal.

CAREOT helps to maintain a food journal, analyze the nutrient value of each meal while you keep a balance with both diet and exercise.CAREOT includes a nutrition app providing nutrition facts on healthy meals.  The rest is easy to be consistent with CAREOT’s food journal, for timely comparisons while you continue to challenge yourself in the quest to FOCUS on eating habits.

Spending more time burning calories at the gym or any other high level exercise through sports does not compensate for a large portion of food consumed after these activities! Track your meal with Calorie Counter on your cellphone to stay on your route to FOCUS for success in dealing with weight issues.

To FOCUS on your weight loss program, you have to give it your 100% to get good results.  CAREOT is a calorie counter that assists you in giving your 100% by tracking your meals consistently over a period of time. You start losing weight and feeling lighter, then you feel good enough to include more physical activities. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and the resultant feeling of wellbeing will radiate when you get compliments from your social network!

Studies have shown that people are most successful at losing weight if they use technology to set weight loss goals.  A smart phone nutrition app like CAREOT supports your decision to FOCUS on being accountable for meeting diet goals, staying with meal plans that are customized and that in turn is a motivation to overcome setbacks. Using an online calorie counter like CAREOT, is an easy way to FOCUS on your goal for a healthy and active life for years. The journey towards a healthy lifestyle may seem very slow and arduous but the result would be worth a million bucks. As the adage goes, “Health is wealth” and life would forever be better!

Weight Loss Program to Stay Healthy with Careot!

A lady frequenting the gym was found to be most disinterested while going through the motions of exercises. The reason was found that she was forced to exercise by her husband and she had no interest! The lady never lost weight.

The same applies for following a weight loss program with a healthy diet and the person concerned has a weight issue. It has been noticed that weight gain is very quick and easy in most cases and the person does not realize till medical impairments start leading to dire consequences.


A decision has to be made such that you are ready to make the long-term changes that are necessary to sustain permanent weight loss. Here is where Careot can make it realistic to analyze the calories and nutritional values consumed from all your meals even while you are on the go! The advantage is that you don’t have to have consultations with a dietician which can be awkward especially while traveling.


To start with, the weight loss program should have a three pronged approach which is necessary as there will be no noticeable change if only the diet is restricted. Subjective to the weight of the person, exercises like brisk walking, swimming or low impact exercises along with a changed lifestyle should be introduced to impact the change in diet by eating healthy too. A changed lifestyle should be a discipline of reducing late nights, an allotted time for exercising and eating.  Careot will support and encourage you to set reasonable and achievable goals that are consistent with good health and wellness in a realistic way. This holistic approach in a weight loss program would be enhanced by keeping in touch with the Careot community support group. It is very encouraging to learn from life experiences, maintenance suggestions and support of others in the same boat!


Weight loss should not be drastic as that immediately shows on the face! A steady loss of no more than 1-2 pounds per week is what one should aim for in a weight loss program. Careot makes it well-rounded by helping you to easily track the nutrient values you have selected to review and analyze over a time period when you focus on a healthy, well-balanced diet that does not exclude one or more of the food groups. The information provided by Careot will help you choose foods to link with activities that fit into your chosen lifestyle.


So the decision is yours that should be one you can live with for the rest of your life. Careot can make your weight loss program special with a personalized approach which should help you evaluate if you are ready to make the long-term changes that are necessary to sustain permanent weight loss.

It should be a decision to help yourself and one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

Lose weight with Careot app – leverage the power of food tracker and nutrition journal with social media technology

Losing weight is difficult for most people, especially for those trying to go about doing it by themselves. Studies have shown that people are most successful at losing weight if they use technology to set weight loss goals, track their meals, and join a support group that holds them accountable for meeting their diet goals, staying with meal plans and motivation to overcome setbacks.

Careot is a free weight loss and nutrition app that is designed so that you do not have to lose weight all by yourself. You get food tracker, diet journal and social media technology at your fingertips.

Here are some recommended tips on how you can leverage technology and social media with Careot – the app that cares, to successfully lose weight and attain the health goals you have set to achieve this year.

1. Maintain a food journal consistently – record meals, calories and nutrients

Studies have shown that those who use a food tracker consistently lose more weight. Careot makes it easy to record and track the meals, snacks and sodas you consume during the day. The food journal and tracker does a lot more than merely track meals – Careot provides nutritional information, favorite meal tips, calorie and nutritional trends over time. Since Careot is easy to use it allows you to track meals consistently which in turn help you lose more weight.

2. Take pictures of your meals to track, inspire and motivate

Taking a picture of a meal is worth thousand words. Taking a picture of your meal with Careot allows you to be consistent with meal journal entries even if you are in a rush. A picture of a healthy meal shared by your friends can motivate you to cook healthier meals or to become more conscious of the meals you should be eating to meet your diet and weight loss goals.

3. Join a support group – use Careot social media for accountability and motivation

We all need motivation and inspiration to achieve a goal as challenging as weight loss. Careot offers a social media based module that allows you to invite friends and family who can support and motivate you to accomplish your goals. With Careot you are not trying to lose weight alone. Download Careot and connect with your weight loss group to learn from motivating success stories, workout routines, or meal plans. You get to post your achievements and struggles in attaining weight loss on Facebook. Careot makes it easy to obtain weight loss or nutrition advice, recommended meal plans, or psychological approaches to overcome cravings and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Using social media to become part of a community that celebrates the success and motivates members to overcome their failures is extremely powerful. Posting your fitness goals and accomplishment on Careot or Facebook for everyone in your group to witness helps you to stay motivated and accountable. The use of social media fosters the sense of community with shared interest and knowledge that can be applied towards helping all members work towards accomplishing their diet and weight loss goals.

4. Use Careot GPS location technology to track meals and restaurants

Careot app incorporate GPS location technology to track a meal you have eaten at a particular location. This feature is especially useful to remind you of a healthy meal at your favorite restaurant. You get to reuse detailed nutritional info or identify meal preferences, such as organic or vegetarian meals by simply being at a location, triggering an automatic message from the app.

5. Kick your cravings to the curb by keeping Careot at your fingertips

Simply downloading Careot shows your commitment to attain a goal and to live a healthier life. Careot is always at your fingertips. Use this food tracker app to be your personal coach, social media hub and personal meal journal that reminds you of the diet goals you have set to accomplish, triggers for overeating, or lessons learned from success stories to overcome unhealthy eating habits that encourages you to kick your cravings to the curb.