Children Can Count Calories

Obesity in children has reached alarming levels in America and the count is only increasing every day. On record, one out of every five children in the US is overweight and that is a cause for concern. At a young age, children will not show signs of health related problems even if they are obese. Yet as they grow older, if the obesity is not addressed in time, they are at risk of becoming adolescents and adults with chronic heart disease and diabetes. This leads to low self esteem that manifests into melancholia, which in turn leads them to ‘comfort eating’ and depression. A vicious cycle indeed!

Some parents feel concerned when the child does not ‘eat well’. There was an incident when the worried parent visited a Pediatrician with the concern that the child was not ‘eating well’ and was not active. On seeing the overweight little ‘patient’, the doctor said that by over feeding the child, there is less chance for the child involving in any physical activity,to kick up the metabolic rate. As long as the child is active, even though there is no apparent hunger at meal times, it is fine. Of course children must learn what is good and nutritious for their well being. Starting the day with a glass of milk and an egg is considered wholesome with essential nutrition for the body.

Parents need to be aware of their child increasing in weight and to lead the way, by making a change in lifestyle and gentle coaxing on the problem of weight gain. Make the child aware at an early age,with efforts to educate on what lies ahead if good eating habits are not inculcated. Show the child pictures of people who are good sports or role models, who advocate healthy living, to inspire.Short and simple reminders like “You are what you eat” will create awareness. Using online support with Careot App has made it easy for many to eat healthy. Careot App has reached out to many more by including Android phone users, after a successful debut with iPhone users.

Parents using iPhones and Android phones can download the online calorie tracker that Careot App provides. Introducing Careot to children, with parental guidance and allowing inputs from them on the app, generates an element of fun on using a calorie app. Careot App can be counted as a virtual friend with user friendly features that makes it easy to follow.

Parents can teach older children to select healthy, nutritious foods and the benefits of exercising every day. Older children are known to either possess a cell phone or are smart enough to use a smart phone. Careot App with an in built food journal that is a calorie app suited to customize meals,is featured as an app that cares. Schools of course do include healthy meals and physical activity for students, as part of their curriculum that is meant for their good.Teachers too can take a picture of the meal being served to give talks on the merits of healthy eating habits.

Bottom line is healthy eating is healthy living!

How one woman’s stubborn decision to live a healthy lifestyle instead of taking pills led to the development of Careot – a free food, calorie and nutrition tracker app with some very cool features.

WWhen my doctor told me my cholesterol was high I knew I could do better with my nutrition and wanted to work on my eating habits before taking costly medications. I had also heard from friends how improved nutrition had remarkably improved their health and helped them recover from serious illnesses.

I started eating healthier food items, such as fruits and vegetables, cereal, turkey and less red meats. In addition to changing my diet I also started paying more attention to living an active lifestyle, such as taking more walks with my dogs, going to the gym, and canoeing. I find going out and enjoying the outdoors is also a lot more fun than staying indoors and taking a pill just to lower my cholesterol.

But, like everyone else it is hard to change habits. Most people chose the easy way of popping in a pill instead of eating right and exercising. I realized that there are several benefits to changing my eating habits and lifestyle. To begin with it’s not just about lowering my cholesterol but also making sure I am eating food with the correct nutritional value. Choosing the right diet can be a lot trickier that I ever imagined. Some diets that were supposed to bring down the bad LDL cholesterol also lowered the good HDL and increased triglycerides, which can be quite dangerous. Also the diets that keep HDL from falling also did not lower the LDL level too much. You have to also watch the saturated and trans fatty acids. There are so many diet options that I had to not only keep track of the calories but also know the nutritional value of the food items for each meal.

I soon realized that tracking all my meals, food items and nutritional values every day was not going to be easy. Having a handy app with you on your phone makes it easier.  I wanted to have an app that could track many nutritional factors and give the user graphical feedback so they can quickly see their progress.  I tried to include as many features as is possible on a phone app to make journaling and trending your food easy and fun. Comparing to friends can also be a big motivator.  The goal is to make the user more aware of the nutritional value of the food they eat and give them feedback to help them achieve their goals.

The Careot App makes it easy and fun to record and analyze the calories and nutritional values consumed from all your meals, snacks and drinks, even when you have a busy schedule. Here are some cool features you should try out:

  • Take a picture of your meal so you can enter the food journal entries at a later time or share with your friends on Facebook.
  • Use the social media section of Careot to motivate your friends, stick with your diet plans, and learn new recipes or to celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Use the GPS Locator to save the location of a healthy meal you ate at your favorite restaurant so you can get a reminder to eat the same meal when you revisit that same location.
  • Use the graphs on the dashboard to easily track the nutrient values you have selected to review and analyze over a time period.

I hope you have fun using Careot – your free food journal and calorie tracker app that makes it easy to enter your meal journal entries, track your calories and graph nutritional values to help meet your diet goals.

Best wishes,