Lose weight with Careot app – leverage the power of food tracker and nutrition journal with social media technology

Losing weight is difficult for most people, especially for those trying to go about doing it by themselves. Studies have shown that people are most successful at losing weight if they use technology to set weight loss goals, track their meals, and join a support group that holds them accountable for meeting their diet goals, staying with meal plans and motivation to overcome setbacks.

Careot is a free weight loss and nutrition app that is designed so that you do not have to lose weight all by yourself. You get food tracker, diet journal and social media technology at your fingertips.

Here are some recommended tips on how you can leverage technology and social media with Careot – the app that cares, to successfully lose weight and attain the health goals you have set to achieve this year.

1. Maintain a food journal consistently – record meals, calories and nutrients

Studies have shown that those who use a food tracker consistently lose more weight. Careot makes it easy to record and track the meals, snacks and sodas you consume during the day. The food journal and tracker does a lot more than merely track meals – Careot provides nutritional information, favorite meal tips, calorie and nutritional trends over time. Since Careot is easy to use it allows you to track meals consistently which in turn help you lose more weight.

2. Take pictures of your meals to track, inspire and motivate

Taking a picture of a meal is worth thousand words. Taking a picture of your meal with Careot allows you to be consistent with meal journal entries even if you are in a rush. A picture of a healthy meal shared by your friends can motivate you to cook healthier meals or to become more conscious of the meals you should be eating to meet your diet and weight loss goals.

3. Join a support group – use Careot social media for accountability and motivation

We all need motivation and inspiration to achieve a goal as challenging as weight loss. Careot offers a social media based module that allows you to invite friends and family who can support and motivate you to accomplish your goals. With Careot you are not trying to lose weight alone. Download Careot and connect with your weight loss group to learn from motivating success stories, workout routines, or meal plans. You get to post your achievements and struggles in attaining weight loss on Facebook. Careot makes it easy to obtain weight loss or nutrition advice, recommended meal plans, or psychological approaches to overcome cravings and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Using social media to become part of a community that celebrates the success and motivates members to overcome their failures is extremely powerful. Posting your fitness goals and accomplishment on Careot or Facebook for everyone in your group to witness helps you to stay motivated and accountable. The use of social media fosters the sense of community with shared interest and knowledge that can be applied towards helping all members work towards accomplishing their diet and weight loss goals.

4. Use Careot GPS location technology to track meals and restaurants

Careot app incorporate GPS location technology to track a meal you have eaten at a particular location. This feature is especially useful to remind you of a healthy meal at your favorite restaurant. You get to reuse detailed nutritional info or identify meal preferences, such as organic or vegetarian meals by simply being at a location, triggering an automatic message from the app.

5. Kick your cravings to the curb by keeping Careot at your fingertips

Simply downloading Careot shows your commitment to attain a goal and to live a healthier life. Careot is always at your fingertips. Use this food tracker app to be your personal coach, social media hub and personal meal journal that reminds you of the diet goals you have set to accomplish, triggers for overeating, or lessons learned from success stories to overcome unhealthy eating habits that encourages you to kick your cravings to the curb.

Use Careot, an easy to use food tracker and nutrition app, to track essential nutrients for effective weight loss

Most dieters track their meals to watch their diet and lower their calories to lose weight. However, to lose weight it is not sufficient to simply cut down on the food you eat to lower the calorie count. The nutrients we consume play a critical role in our plan to lose weight. A low calorie diet which does not provide you with the right balance of nutrients can also cause a lot of harm. A well balanced diet should include minerals, fat, carbohydrates and protein, and the recommended amount of fluids from water and juice or other recommended healthy drinks that are low in sugar.

However, on a daily basis it is not easy to know if you are consuming the right balance of nutrients or track them efficiently. We suggest trying out Careot, a free food tracker and nutrition app that serves as a food, meal, calorie and nutrient value journal that makes it easy to not only track calories but also the nutrients essential for a balanced and healthy diet.

Here are a list of essential nutrients that you can track with Careot. You get to choose which essential nutrient values you need to track and trend over a period of time to help you lose weight in a healthy manner.

1. Calcium

It is recommended that adults get 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. Calcium are essential for bones to maintain their strength and density. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, to regulate blood pressure, and the recommended daily amount of calcium is proven to also help you lose weight. With Careot you get to make sure you are able to track the exact amount of nutrient values from low fat dairy products that provide you with calcium and protein to help increase muscle mass while helping you lose weight.

2. Iron

Anemia is a very common mineral deficiency caused by lack of iron in your diet. Anemia is prevalent worldwide, especially in developing countries. If your weight loss diet is causing you to be chronically fatigued, chances are you do not consuming sufficient amounts of iron, causing you to suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

Since Careot serves as a journal and tracker, it serves as an easy to food, calorie and nutrition app that helps you to easily track the nutrient value of iron you are getting from the following iron rich foods:

Red meat, such as beef
Turkey or chicken
Beans, lentils, and soybeans
Eggs, especially the yolks
Dark, leafy greens, such as spinach and collards
Dried fruit, such as raisins
Iron-enriched cereals and grains
Mollusks, such as oysters and scallops

By applying Careot to serve as your nutrition journal and tracker, you get to ensure your Iron intake remains at the recommended levels so that your red blood cells are rich in oxygen, proving your body with the much needed energy to exercise, a key component of weight loss regiments. So, to lose weight make sure you get enough Iron. Lastly, it is also recommended to track your nutrient value of Vitamin C as it helps with iron absorption.

3. Fiber

The Careot food journal along with the nutrient tracker feature will help you track the recommended fiber intake of 25g per day, and all the foods that are rich in fiber, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Fiber is important as it will help you stay away snacking or feeling hungry all the time. Eat a breakfast cereal rich in fiber, track the nutrition value with Careot and reduce your food craving or your tendency to overeat during the day as fiber helps you to feel full longer. Also, make sure you get plenty for water to avoid feeling bloated and getting gas.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are good fat, found in eggs and fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are different from bad fats, such as trans fats and saturated fats. They are important for a healthy heart and for brain function. Use Careot food tracker to bring up your favorite meals rich in Omega-3 fatty acids so that you also get to feel energized and fuller for longer periods of time. The Careot food journal can bring up previous meals with salmon and sardines, fish oil, nuts or flaxseed, all providing omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Vitamin D

Another essential nutrient for a healthy diet is Vitamin D. Choose Vitamin D as one of the Nutrient Values to track as it essential for absorption of calcium absorption. Make sure your food journal in Careot is tracking Cod liver, fish oils, milk and other dairy products as they are all rich in Vitamin D.

Don’t forget to use the community section in the Careot app to remind your friends about the importance of a balanced nutrition in their diets. You can also recommend meals with the food items providing the essential nutrients for a healthy weight loss regiment.

You will get an idea on how the app works by visiting www.careot.net

6 Steps to use a calorie tracker effectively

To diet and lose weight it is important to know the amount of calories you eat. You cannot simply estimate the amount of calories in a meal, you have to identify the food items and track the exact amount of calories each food item contains. We recommend using a calorie tracker or food journal, such as Careot – the app that cares, to perform the following 6 steps to help track your calories.

1-Track everything you eat
Accuracy in tracking the amount of each food or drink item you eat is important as it impacts your total calorie intake. Track meals on weekdays and weekends, as eating patterns can vary based upon your life style patterns, such as when you visit the ballpark or theater. Download the Careot app onto your iPhone to easily take pictures of every meal you eat and then enter meal names and track specific nutrient values. You need to also include the little snacks, such as chips, candy bars, peanut butter sandwich, and salad dressing. Remember to include sodas, wines, and beer too.

2-Use visual cues to ensure portion control
The most effective way to measure what you eat is to weigh your food. However, this is not easy to do all the time, each and every time you eat. Studies have shown that most people do not guess their portion sizes accurately. They typically under count the calories and end up not losing weight as they cannot figure out what is causing the high calorie intake.

Instead, follow recommended portion estimates, such as only half your plate should have fruits and vegetables, a quarter should be carbohydrates and the remaining quarter protein. When you sit to eat the visual of your plate should reflect the above mentioned guidelines. Take a picture of your meal with Careot to make sure you are sticking to the plan and not overloading each portion, especially the food items you like. We recommend taking the picture before you start eating so you include your wine, juice or soda, which also add to the calorie intake.

3-Take a picture to easily track everything you eat during a day
For effective dieting and weight loss it is essential to track everything you eat and drink during the day. However, this is not easy to do. With Careot you can make this process easier by either taking a picture just before you consume a food item or use the GPS tracker to pull up previously eaten meals from a specific location. At the end of the day review the list of meals and record the calories for each food you ate using the Careot nutrient database.

4-Total calories for each meal, day, week and month.
Maintaining a healthy diet requires ongoing discipline. Careot makes it easy to not only total the number of calories for a meal but also over a day, week or month.

5-Analyze your calories over time
Careot makes it easy to track, total, and trend your calorie intake over a specific period. The app also provide you with user friendly graphs on your dashboard to help you monitor and stick to you plan to live a healthy life style.

6-Stick to the plan – Make it fun
Sticking to a diet for a long time is very difficult. Most people will go on a diet for a short period of time but then get tired of constantly doing all the steps required to stick with the plan. Careot allows you to invite friends or join a community of dieters who can encourage each other to stick with the plan, compete on calorie intake and weight loss, or share ideas to improve eating habits.