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Careot - An Effective Mobile App for Health and Fitness

Check Nutritional and Calories Information With Careot

Do you think it is too difficult to track your daily calorie intake? Not any more! Careot is now integrated with Apple’s iOS 8 HealthKit platform. Download the Careot App to easily track your calories and stop worrying. Take a picture of your meal and enter food items into your journal using an extensive nutrition and calorie database. Careot makes it easy and fun to improve your nutrition with graphical feedback and comparisons to your Careot community of friends and family. Careot is probably the best compatible app integrated with Apple's Healthkit Platform.

Food Supply and Healthcare companies can also add their brand of meals, food items and nutrition values into Apple’s new HealthKit Platform and Health App. Such access allows a brand to cross many boundaries, to give a complete picture of health by joining the vast range of nutrition, fitness, and medical data points across multiple apps and devices.

Vital health information when leveraged by powerful technology provides an avenue to not only improve the health of individuals, but to also promote the overall wellbeing of communities.

Customer's Reviews

It works!



I've tried other calorie count apps before, but this one is really useful and more detailed...

Amazing app.


Naresh Rawat

Keep u notified about body nutrients & helps u in maintain daily healthy diet. I recommend to all.


App Features

Maintain Your Meal and Diet Plan

Careot “An app that cares” comes fully loaded with features to get you through with your diet plan and help you monitor your calorie intake to ensure that all your efforts don’t go down the drain. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a nutrition tracker which you can maintain in your beloved IPhone or Android Phone? Well, we heard you and developed Careot, a food journal for Smart Phones, which has an extensive database of 7000+ food items and 46 nutrients, along with the accurate calories contained in the food items thus making it an amazing nutrition tracker for Smart Phones and it’s completely free. So now you have a free diet iPhone app which allows you to maintain a record of the food you consume over the day and add the calories to your daily record in just a tap of your finger.

With Careot by your side you don’t have to worry about monitoring your nutrition intake as the app works perfectly as nutrition tracker. The app converts your phone into your personal food journal, which also works as a complete solution to all your calorie tracking and diet planning requirements. Now maintaining your calorie intake records is just a tap away.

Monitor your nutritional intake

Careot allows users to customize their meal names and save them for future reference. You can either search the name or the GPS function will pull up the meal name if you are at the same location so you do not have to reenter meal information all over again. If you are in a hurry then just simply take a picture and update the record later. Adding a dash of fun the app allows you to maintain a graphical progress tracker on the dashboard thereby saving you the trouble to go through all the records saved in your calorie tracker database. Careot allows users to track the progress of 6 vital nutrients which can be chosen from a list of 46 available nutrients. The nutrient list can modified to suit changing user requirements and to monitor tracking of the nutrient intake.

Add your friends and grow healthy together.

The application allows the addition of multiple individuals to a user community to monitor their diet, to help develop good eating habits and also to facilitate the diet planning process for a group. All the features of a premium app and more are available in this free diet tracker app.

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